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Valluvanad Ayurveda

Valluvanad Ayurveda is an enterprise of Dr. P. Jayadasan and Dr. Mrs. Priya Prasad. They gained formal education & training in Ayurveda respectively at the Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College, and the Kottackal Ayurveda College, both under the Calicut University. Starting their professional practices respectively in 1990 and 1995, they have been producing medicines on a commercial scale since 2002.

Equipped with state-of-the art machinery, the production facility has been awarded the Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP - label by the Drugs Control Administration Department of the Government of the State of Kerala. The role of the machines and equipment is secondary: the production of our medicines is dependent more on the expertise, experience and dedication of a team of highly skilled staff. They add three very special ingredients to the preparations, namely love, care and pride.

Dr. Jayadas and Dr. Priya Prasad, husband and wife, together have over 45 years of experience in their distinguished practice of Ayurveda. Their insights and experience have helped produce unique medicinal formulations that have been recognized and licensed by the State Government after extensive and rigorous clinical trials. Research is a continuing process with us. Trials of three more preparations have been completed. Licences are expected shortly.

In addition to the ten proprietary products developed in-house, we produce a range of 342 classic Ayurvedic medicines in the Arishtam/Aasavam, Kashayam, Ghrtham, Lehyam, Gulika, Choornam, Arkkakalpana and Thailam families.

Dr. Jayadas is in charge of production, Dr. Mrs. Priya Prasad is involved fully in Quality Control.

Our GMP Certificate number is No. 485 dtd 31.03.2008 Our Manufacturing Licence is No. 09/25D/2002 ddtd 03.04.2002