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Valluvanad is the old-time name for much of the present-day Palakkad District. It is home to a noble culture that rose along the banks of the great Bharathapuzha river in ancient times. We belong there. Our art comes from the spirit and goodness of the place.

Though names have changed, Valluvanad has preserved its ancient skills in Ayurveda, and its traditions of kadhakali and other folk arts and culture, which flourished under the tutelage of its great Namboodiri Brahmin families. Once heavily forested, Valluvanad with its rich soil and the sweet water produces an extraordinarily wide range of herbs and trees that became the staple of Ayurvedic medicines evolving over the centuries.

We have taken the ancient wisdom, developed it using modern scientific techniques, and thus produce medicines of consistently good quality for the maximum good of those who consume our Ayurvedic 'oushadhas', ie: medicines.